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Copyright & Pricing

Q. Who owns Copyright?

A. In short, copyright belongs to, and is retained by the artist, unless specifically assigned to another person or body, in writing. (Copyright, Designs and Patents Act, 1988) (The drawing itself can be sold, or given away, but generally speaking, copyright is always retained by the artist).

Q. How is a Cartoon priced?

A. Tell me what you want producing, and what you're going to use it for, and I'll assess a price. (Normally, the fee for producing such an illustration is simply based on those two factors). I take into account the work involved, and consider its intended use - the value of a drawing featured in a local Parish Magazine will be different to that of one printed in a national Sunday Newspaper Colour Supplement for example. (Giving permission to individuals or companies to reproduce an illustration is known as granting a licence). Cost and usage is usually confirmed in writing.The unit cost of a cartoon can also be affected by the quantity of cartoons commissioned at a time.

Q. I've used the Cartoon as agreed, but want to use it again.

A. Simply let me know what extra purpose you want to use the cartoon(s) for - (additional publicity material, reprinting of a booklet, for example). You will be given a price after consideration is given to the intended usage. Very often this is simply a percentage of the initial fee.

© Artwork is copyright of Graham Waters